Energy Saving Shutters are Invaluable in Reducing Heating and Cooling Costs

Energy saving shutters from Sunburst Shutters are not only for decoration they are a form of valuable insulation. In other words, it is an adaptable window covering that can affect the interior temperature and cause the net heat gain to go up or down.

As a result you have a natural way to increase or decrease the temperature in your home, as opposed to costly heaters or air conditioners.  Energy saving shutters are a natural alternative and enhancement to temperature adjustment in your home.

Increased Insulation Value with Energy Saving Shutters

Using energy saving shutters as means of insulating windows can also greatly improve the costs involved in energy bills. This is true because windows are the main culprit producing extra heat in the summer and losing heat in the winter.
The main reason for this is the low R-value of the glass.

The r-value is jargon in the building industry that measures how well a product resists the flow of temperature through it. To put it in perspective, an insulated wall has an R-value in the range of 12-19, while a double glazed window only has about 2 R-value. Energy saving shutters are a necessity. Energy saving shutters can triple the R-value of windows depending on their design and placement. Find more interested information on .

Polywood ® Saves Energy

The most common material for energy saving shutters is Polywood  This type of shutter comes in assorted styles and colors. Energy saving shutters add a touch of elegance to your home.

There is virtually no maintenance required so it’s essentially a one-time investment with numerous advantages. You’ll be amazed at how embellishments to your home like energy saving shutters can add up to great savings in the long run and you’ll be doing your part for the planet. If you want to save energy dollars, you want to enhance your home with energy saving shutters.

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